Winery Valleogra
since 1961.

The smallest winery in Veneto, despite being relatively young, is home to a wonderful museum dedicated to country life demonstrating a significant bond to traditions and its origins.

At the foot of the Pedemontana (mountain range), in a particularly beautiful valley characterised in recent years by the promotion of the local products such as Asiago cheese and Durello wine, the winery has felt a strong vocation to protect its surrounding nature. As a result, in the merge and subsequent creation of Cantine Vitevis, this little corner of the world has been entrusted with an important task: to become a cooperative entirely dedicated to organic production. The new LXI logo represent this close bond with nature and its colours (the blue of the water, the green of the valley, and the brown of the soil) and at the same time represents the Roman numeral LXI = 61 the year of the winery’s foundation and the number of vine-growers, sixty in total, who look after Cantina Valleogra and its wines every day.


Our Wines

is a brand of: CANTINE VITEVIS
Società Cooperativa Agricola


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Montecchio Maggiore – Vicenza – Italy
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